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Ontvang nu 1.000 euro STAP subsidie op je Security, Privacy of IT training bij TSTC

Vanaf 1 maart 2022 biedt de overheid je de mogelijkheid om 1.000 euro subsidie te ontvangen op een training/opleiding bij een daarvoor erkende opleider.
Lees er alles over op onze STAP-pagina en boek je training bij TSTC zo snel mogelijk met deze extra korting (of zelfs gratis). Aanvragen is simpel maar OP=OP!

This 3 day advanced course assumes an understanding of the topics covered in CEH, ECSA-LPT and/or OSCP certification or equivalent experience.

Here students are tasked with pentesting environments free of “low hanging fruit” or readily exploitable issues making this a truly advanced pentesting / hacking course. Students will perform reconnaissance on environments with various filtering technologies. Topics such as advanced password attacks, client side attacks, and social engineering will be used for penetrating systems. The course will also cover common web application issues such as RFI, LFI, and XSS focusing on how to leverage them for a foothold on the webserver or the user’s browser. This course focuses heavily on post exploitation, moving from a limited user such as IIS__USER to SYSTEM, pivoting among systems and domains, gathering information and maintaining access.

Host based anti-virus avoidance will be covered as well as avoid IDS/IPS. Attacking mobile devices and networking equipment will be covered. Students will gain knowledge working with Metasploit and other tools as well as working in environments where they do not have access to Metasploit using build in tools such as PowerShell.

Module 1: Review of basic penetration testing
Module 2: External reconnaissance of secure networks
Module 3: Client Side Attacks
Module 4: Social Engineering Attacks
Module 5: Password Attacks
Module 6: Mobile Attacks
Module 7: Web Attacks
Module 8: Attacking Networking Equipment
Module 9: PowerShell
Module 10: Post Exploitation: Privilege Escalation/Lateral Movement
Module 11: Post Exploitation: Information Gathering
Module 12: Post Exploitation: Pivoting
Module 13: Avoiding Detection
Module 14: Writing your own scripts, exploits and Metasploit modules

rhino cloud cloud

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