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Trainen bij TSTC tijdens corona/covid-19 uitbraak

Vanaf 2 juni volgt u onze trainingen weer klassikaal, maar ook Live Online via Cisco Webex blijft vooralsnog mogelijk. Aan u de keus. Onze locatie is uiteraard aangepast aan alle veiligheidseisen, van koffiemachine tot en met cursusplek, van desinfectie tot en met gespreide pauzes.

Complete Introduction to Cryptography and Applications

Examine the building blocks of cryptography, its history, the complex science behind it and methods that are currently redefining the art of ciphering, deciphering and various other cryptanalysis techniques for breaking cryptography. 

This in-depth analysis delves into how it is key to modern security in areas such as using SSL for securing bank transactions, encryption of e-commerce purchases or hard drive encryption just to mention a few.

Brainstorm situations you face in your career that are unique to you alone with a highly regarded expert in this extremely technical field, at the end of the day you will be among a very elite group of specialist armed with unique skills setting you apart from other cryptanalyst.

This course immerses students into the intricate science of cryptography teaching students the history of cryptography, modern cryptographic methods, and how to use techniques like cryptanalysis to break cryptography. The course also covers closely related topics such as hashing and digital certificates.

Students completing this course will gain in-depth knowledge in the following areas:

  • History and Introduction of Cryptography
  • Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics
  • Symmetric Algorithms
  • Asymmetric Algorithms
  • Cryptanalysis
  • Steganography
  • Quantum Cryptography including algorithms for use in post quantum cryptography
  • Multikey cryptographic methods

Wat kan ik na deze training?

  • Incorporating the latest in Cryptography methods and techniques for better encryption and decryption
  • Reviewing the challenges involved in applying Symmetric Cryptography Algorithms to process large streams of data at high speeds
  • Appreciating the benefits of incorporating Asymmetric Algorithms with Symmetric Algorithms to enhance in-house security systems
  • Grasping the fundamental aspects behind L0phtCrack and Brute-force as powerful tools used in Cryptanalysis 
  • Harnessing the use of powerful number theory in the application of Cryptography 

Voor wie is de Cryptography training geschikt?

This course is appropriate for security professionals who want to understand encryption on a deep level, and for those who may need to learn techniques to break encryption.

  • Cryptanalysts and those who employ Cryptography in their daily tasks 
  • Technical security persons who are deeply fascinated with the study of Ciphers or Ciphertext
  • Those with an interest of either finding weaknesses in Ciphers or Ciphertext 
  • Those with a responsibility of securing information or breaking cryptosystems
  • Analyst working for a broad range of organizations for unique reasons such as financial institutions Key global players looking to protect crucial information from competitors to maintain a competitive position
  • Governments trying to secure their diplomatic and military transmissions 

Duur training

4 dagen inclusief examen

Globale inhoud

I. Historical cryptography
a. Caesar cipher
b. Scytale cipher
c. Atbash Cipher
d. Vigenere Cipher
e. Rail fence cipher
f. Polybius cipher 

II. Information Theory and Math for Crypto
a. Confusion, diffusion, and avalanche
b. Kerkhoff’s principle
c. Group algebra
d. Prime, co-prime, Euler’s totient 

III. Symmetric Key Cryptography
a. DES and 3DES
b. AES
c. Blowfish
d. Serpent
f. RC4 

IV. Asymmetric Key Cryptography
a. RSA
b. Diffie Hellman
c. ECC 
d. WPA3

V. Cryptographic Hashes and Digital Signatures
a. MD5
d. Digital signatures
i. Arbitrated vs direct
ii. Blind
e. Digital Certificates
i. X.509
ii. PGP 

VI. Applications
a. SSL/TLS (including TLS 1.3)
b. VPN 

VII. Cryptanalysis
a. Frequency distribution
b. Differential
c. Rainbow tables 

VII. Steganography 
a. How to detect steganography

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