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Samenwerking met IAPP 

Training institute TSTC in Veenendaal has entered into a collaboration with IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals) , the world’s largest Association of Privacy Professionals. 

Door Roderick Commerell

In this context, on May 19th and 20th, the first “Dutch” Certified Information Privacy Professional / Europe ( CIPP/E ) ' training will be organized. Till now it was only possible to follow this annual 2-day classroom training at IAPP conferences. In recent years these took place in cities such as Paris, Brussels and London .

TSTC has the privilege to host the world’s first CIPP/E training in an open enrollment class so Dutch professionals have the opportunity to get the official training close to home and follow this course at their own desired time.

The CIPP/E training consists of a Foundation Day where applicable privacy principles and approaches and issues like online privacy and jurisdiction are treated from a global perspective. The second day focuses on the European context and specific laws and regulations concerning data protection. Also current topics such as the responsible use of providing sensitive personal data to fe. the United States, Cloud Computing and Social Networks are treated .

After the course, students can optionally take the necessary exams and gain the associated CIPP/E certification. With this certification IAPP focuses on all IT, Privacy and Security Professionals and managers who have to deal with personal data. CIPP/E can also be considered as a useful addition to certifications like CISSP, CISM or CISA.

TSTC is excited to add CIPP/E to their Security Training Program. ‘Privacy’ both in companies and government is very high on the agenda and did not get the full attention in our current security portfolio. The differences in legislation combined with increasing internationalization create difficult issues for many of our customers. IAPP ensures high-quality certification. “We are proud IAPP allowed us to expand our portfolio with this training “ said Emile Kok, Managing Director TSTC

Company Profiles 

TSTC BV is een eigenzinnig trainingsinstituut, opgericht in 1999. Aan de hand van een persoonlijke, praktijkgerichte werkwijze verzorgen vaste trainers een breed opleidingsprogramma op het gebied van informatiebeveiliging, ethical hacking en cybersecurity. Naast het security programma staat TSTC bekend om grotendeels eigen ontwikkelde Fast Tracks in Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, RES Powerfuse en VMware oplossingen. Onderscheidend zijn een kortere trainingsduur, slagingsgarantie en een focus op certificering. 

The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) is the largest and most comprehensive global information privacy community and resource, helping practitioners develop and advance their careers and organizations manage and protect their data. More than just a professional association, the IAPP provides a home for privacy professionals around the world to gather, share experiences and enrich their knowledge.
Founded in 2000, the IAPP is a not-for-profit association with more than 14,000 members in 83 countries. The IAPP helps define, support and improve the privacy profession through networking, education and certification.


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